Code to capture NOC webpage then display as screensaver.

Applescript Code to takes a snapshot of the Network Operations Center status page. Used URL2Thumb process to capture page image and store as a 1024×768 .jpg file. 1. Using ScriptSaver (ScreenSaver App.) to launch my code which then runs ArtSaver (Secondary Screensaver) to display image captured.

tell application “System Events”
if (exists (process “ScreenSaverEngine”)) then
repeat until (exists (process “ScreenSaverEngine”)) = false
if (exists (process “ScreenSaverEngine”)) then
do shell script “/Applications/Utilities/./url2thumb http://”Server_IP”/em?print_stat_list_384EBF6F00000001 /users/administrator/Temp/NOCmonitor.jpg 1024 768”
delay 30
end if
end repeat
end if
end tell


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