Exchange 5.5 Backup Files

What to Back Up
Backup procedures must capture two types of data:

User data—In the information store (PUB.EDB and PRIV.EDB), .PSTs, .OSTs, .PABs, and transaction logs.

Configuration data—In the Exchange directory (DIR.EDB), the Windows NT registry, and various subdirectories under the Exchange Server installation path (and perhaps paths created after running the Exchange Performance Optimizer program).
The table below shows the database file default locations. From the Database Paths page on the server object, you can reconfigure all database file paths during installation by selecting a different path than the default shown in the table (\exchsrvr). You can also use the Exchange Performance Optimizer to put the transaction logs on a separate physical disk from the information store and directory files.
Key Management (KM) server data and the KM server startup disk generated when KM is installed are not automatically backed up by the online backup program. You must do this manually. Exchange 5.5 KM server data is located in exchsrvr\kmsdata. (In Exchange 4.0 and 5.0, it is in a directory called \Security.)

Exchange database file locations
Component File Default path
Information store Private



Transaction logs Information store


Exchange 5.5


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