Restoring Partitions and Master Boot Record

• Chose True Image (Full)
• Select Recovery and Click on Next
• Find your File. Note the letters assigned to Drives/Partitions may have changed so it might not be where you expect it to be (they automatically get re-assigned correctly at the end of the process). Click on Next
• Chose “Restore Disks or Partitions”. Click on Next
• Don’t Select Disk 1, just select the C: Partition “NTFS (C”. Don’t tick MBR and Track 0. Click on Next. At this stage you may have to wait 2 or 3 minutes before it goes to the next screen so don’t panic!
• In the “Restored Partition Location” Screen, Click on “Unallocated” which will be your New Drive (Mine was Unallocated 149 GB). Click on Next
• In the “Restored Partition Type” Screen, Click on Active and the Click on Next.
• The next screen is the “Restored Partition Size” screen. If not partitioning your New Hard Disk drag the slider to the right until all of the space on your Hard Drive is selected (in my case 149 GB)
• Leave Free space Before and After set to 0 bytes. Click on Next.
• Then asks if you want to Restore another Partition or Hard Disk. For my scenario I selected No.
• It then asks you if you want to validate your back up before restoring it (I chose No as I do this when I create the backup in the first place)
• Click on Proceed and restoration will take place. Wait!! Hopefully at the end it will say everything went alright. Click on OK,
• When finished remove the Emergency Rescue Disk and Re-Boot your Computer.
• Windows will load and say it has “Found new hardware”, let it go through this process (2-3min) at the end of which it prompts you to Restart your Computer otherwise the news hardware might not work properly. Select Yes and you Computer will restart (Note: Restart may not begin for 3-4, so don’t Panic just wait). At the end of the Re-Boot your system will be as it was before except you now have a larger Hard Drive installed.


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