Easy iPhone to iPhone Calendar Sharing (Google Calendar Required)

If you’re like me, you’ve convinced your wife and possibly everyone you know to get an iPhone. I have a “Family Calendar” I would like to share with my Wife and choice family members. Currently the iPhone doesn’t have a good solution for syncing between multiple iPhones while allowing each member to add items to the shared calendar.

The Arrival of CalDAV and Google Calendar.

1. Create a Gmail Account you don’t mind giving out the Username/Pass credentials to the people sharing with you.

2. Create your calendar in Gmail (Google Calendar – Top Left of Gmail Page).
a. Name your Calendar something like “Shared Calendar”

3. Configure Calendar on iPhone(s) using CalDAV
a. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
b. Tap “Add Account…”
c. Choose “Other” under Calendars
d. Select “Add CalDAV Account”

Server: http://www.google.com
Username: “Your new Gmail Username”
Password: “Your New Gmail Password”
Description: Whatever you want, I call it “Shared Calendar”
If your settings failed, checked the advanced Button and be sure Use SSL is ON.

You can now open Calendar on your iPhone and you will notice you have a “Shared Calendar” (CalDAV) when listing all your calendars. Complete this setup on other iPhones you would like to share (Add, Edit, Delete) events to this calendar.


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