Five-Column Springboard issues with 3.1.x?

I know all about it, and so does the dev. There is a work around which I posted previously on this blog. As for the update badge in Cydia a/o Rock, I just decided to remove the REPO all together, FCSB was the only software I used from this repp, so no biggie removing and no more Badge in cydia telling me to update to a software I couldn’t install.

For what first seemed to be a rude blog post by developer, you can check out

Im sure the Developer is just annoyed with all the emails he’s getting, but come on, what do you expect when you do things like posting an update that’s just there to prevent uses from installing, and then say deal with an update badge on our Cydia icon until he gets around to fixing FCSB.

I wish him good luck with the update as I do enjoy using FCSB.

Almost forgot… A fix for your Update Badge that just wont go away after this FCSB fiasco (Cydia wont let you update or install to get rid of badge).
Remove the STE REPO. You have to remove it from the SECTIONS Tab under repositories. Just remove the STE repo and no more update badge. Simular goes for Rock, just click on the repo to disable it (Love the way Rock handles this).

UPDATE: The Developer (Yanik Magnan), reported he has a temp fix and posted to STE Repo, “FCSB 0.59 is done”.


2 thoughts on “Five-Column Springboard issues with 3.1.x?

  1. I'm totally agree with you. It was very rude to make this update when the developer knows how many people used it. After I update to 3.1.2 my 3GS the first thing that I install from Cydia was Illumine theme and FCSB and now the whole theme doesn't look right, I have so much free space on my spring board!!!
    Now…can I ask you if you have FCSB 0.58-2.deb file to upload it somewhere? Because I make the same thing like everybody else even that FCSB 0.58-2 works perfectly on my iPhone 3GS and now I have to install FCSB 0.55 because only this I found and it crashed all the time. Thank you in advance!

  2. For sure! Kinda rude, but I bet he just got stressed with all the emails he was getting and other personal things going on in his life. It's free software, so I guess that gives the developer the right to act anyway he wants…???

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