Wolfram Alpha for iPhone “Like a dozen lattes, the price is hard to swallow.”

I’ve seen many mentions of the Illumine theme and always find it amusing when people pronounce it “I-loo-mine” instead of “I-loo-min”. Wolfram understands. 😉

Its founder, physicist-turned-software developer Stephen Wolfram, says it’s not a search engine but a synthesis of the world’s knowledge in a computable form. Type in a mathematical formula or a complex engineering problem, and Wolfram Alpha will solve it. Enter a company’s ticker symbol, and Wolfram Alpha will give you its history, financials and graphs on its performance.

Wolfram Alpha doesn’t know the price of 12 Starbucks lattes either, but it did tell me the stock price of SBUX and, to its credit, if you enter “12 lattes” as a query, you’ll get all sorts of nutritional information, such as calorie content for the 12 lattes (1,654), carbohydrates (61 percent of daily recommended intake), and cholesterol (162 mg). Rafe Needleman


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