Illumine Weathericon Badge

I get at least 5 emails a day asking “how do I get the weather icon to show the weather, I’ve installed your Illumine Weathericon Theme, but still don’t see the badge”.

So here’s the deal… I came up with the idea of putting a Badge on the Weathericon back in May 2009. I designed a theme for use with the iPHONE APPLICATION WeatherIcon (Found in Cydia). At that time, showed the temperature on the icon in the middle of said icon. MY THEME moved the temp to the top right corner of the icon and added a badge. I released my theme to badge the weather icon (For use with So many people loved this idea, they wanted me to create themed badges for there Winterboard Themes – not just Illumine.
So… I contacted the developer of (The App) and showed him what I did. He loved the idea and within a few hours of testing he released a NEW version of WeatherIcon for the iPhone that now supported BADGES at the root application level!

My theme is NO LONGER REQUIRED to have a badge on your weather icon. But still in use since I do some minor tweaks to the weather display to make it perfect.

You can still use my Illumine Weathericon for Badges which gives you a nicer icon for this purpose and also does some backend script edits to the normal

ADD Cydia Repo(s):

Download/Install WeatherIcon, goto your settings and turn on Badges.


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