vDial for Vonage – Hits my Top 50!

vDial for Vonage ● Life’s to Short to Dial
“If you have Vonage, you want vDial!”

vDial is a fast and easy way to place calls on your Vonage phone line using your iPhone/iPod Touch Address Book Database. vDial makes your Vonage phone service more convenient then ever. No more holding your iPhone or iPod Touch in one hand while you dial one of your contact phone numbers into your home/office Vonage phone.

With all of our phone numbers stored in our iPhone/iPod Touch Address Book, it just makes sense to have vDial place the call for you using your Vonage Phone Service.

■ NOTE: vDial connects to your Vonage phone service and initiates the call using your Vonage phone line. Normal Vonage calling fees may apply. You are using minutes on your Vonage Service, NOT your iPhone calling plan (Use’s your iPhone / iPod Touch Internet Connection).

Use vDial to place your calls for you, dialing phone numbers is so 2008…

iTunes App Store Link


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