Backgrounding a PasteBot!

Many of you already know the joy of getting your hands on a new iPhone… for me this joy comes with a few small thorns. I have to manually restore (I dont use the iTunes Backup/Restore feature) a bunch of application settings to display some business related garbage. One setup/restore that’s always a pain in my ass, my companies Network Operations Status App (Shows MANY graphs of server and circuit load as images). I normally have to enter all of these image addresses (URLs) manually, until I purchased PasteBot.

Pastebot is a powerful clipboard manager that stores text & images copied TO and FROM your iPhone/iPod Touch. PasteBot can sync the clipboard from your Mac to your iPhone/iPod Touch and visa/versa.

The Process… of pasting a bunch of addresses (images, urls, text, anything) into an iPhone app without leaving the app… does that make sense?

You need some stuff first:
1. Purchase PasteBot from the AppStore
2. Jailbreak… Yes, yet another reason to Jailbreak your iDevice.
3. Install Backgrounder from Cydia (Although PasteBot says it can run in background, for me, it wont keep a sync connection to MAC using the “Native Multitasking”).

Setup Backgrounder Overrides for Pastebot:
Open Backgrounder, tap Overrides, tap Add, and select PasteBot. Once in the list, tap PasteBot and setup the Backgrounder override to use Backgrounder (run as if in foreground).

Next open Pastebot and setup the Sync to your Mac. You can now close PasteBot (Activating Backgrounder first – Hold Home Button until you see the Enabled popup). With Pastebot sync’d to your Mac and running in the background, anything you copy on your Mac, will automatically be available to your iPhone Clipboard in any application on your device.

This is where the magic happens! I can now open my iPhone App, goto where I need to add my Image URL’s, Copy the URL on my Mac, and just click Paste on the iPhone. Sure you can go back and forth between apps on the iphone and copy/paste (I used to send all the URLs in an email and go back and fourth), but this just turned a 20 min. job into 60 seconds.

PasteBot is a great tool, you can also Copy from the iPhone and Auto Paste to your Mac. I do this a lot when taking iPhone Screen Captures, then just paste from iPhone to my Mac desktop.


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