Step-by-Step SFTP/Open SSH on iPhone

I get asked a lot… “How do I connect to my iPhone using FTP or SSH?”

Step 1 – Install OpenSSH on iPHONE/iPod Touch

To install OpenSSH on your iPhone, you have to first go to Cydia, and install OpenSSH – located in the network section.

Step 2 – Connect iPhone to your Wi-Fi network

Connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network. Please take a note that, in spite of being already connected, you will still require going into wireless settings to get your local IP address. Go to Settings>Wi-Fi, now tap on the blue arrow button next to your wireless router. You will be able to see your iPhone’s IP address (You can also see your IP in SBSettings or other tools for the iPhone found in Cydia).

Step 3 – Install a Windows SSH/FTP client application

Necessary software has to be installed into the computer to connect. This can be done after proper installation of OpenSSH, and ensuring that the settings and IP are correct. I use Transmit for the Mac (CyberDuck FTP is a free Mac alternative), for Windows you can install WinSCP as the installation is simple and facilitates easy and simple file transfers. It is imperative to make sure that your desktop is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.

Step 5 – Configure the SSH client application

Now that the installation of Transmit/CyberDuck or WinSCP is complete, proceed to open.

Setup a new Connection (To connect to iDevice)
Enter your iDevice IP address in the Host/Server text box. Enter the port number as 22 or select SFTP. Then enter “root” in the Username text box and “alpine” in the password text box. Next just click Save or connect.

You should save/bookmark/add to favorites – the session for this connection.

Step 6 – Connect to your device (now the magic happens)

Select the just created saved connection and Click Login. You can see the FTP Client beginning to populate the iPhones file system.
NOTE: Please take note that you may not be able to use the saved connection next time you try to use the SSH as the iDevice IP address of the may change.

Step 7 – You are Connected!

You can now readily transfer files over for your projects like adding new custom SMS, email tones, Themes and more. This will not only facilitate many jailbreaking projects, but will also help you develop a better understanding of your iPhone file structure.

Tips for using OpenSSH with iPhone:

– The password and username are the same for all iPhones equipped with OpenSSH. Therefore, preferably use Sbsettings to disable SSH when not in use or connected to “outside” WiFi Networks (Starbucks etc.).
– Changing password is essential to ensure that SSH is enabled instead of getting upset over unauthorized access. If changing your password, be sure you REMEMBER THE NEW ROOT PASSWORD!!!

Enjoy root access to your Jailbroken iDEVICE…

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