Fix for AppLinks on iOS 8 (Cydia)

AppLinks automatically creates shortcuts for all the AppStore Applications, to provide a simplier and faster access to them. This is a great feature for developers creating themes etc. Well, its broken in iOS 8 since apple moved where applications are located. That’s where this SHH symbolic Link comes in. I just created a link to where the new location is and placed it where AppLinks thinks it should be.

SSH into your iDevice:
ssh root@”IP ADDRESS” (Your iDevice Wifi IP Address on the network)

Then enter the below command:
ln -s /private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application /private/var/mobile/Applications

AppLinks should now work!!!


4 thoughts on “Fix for AppLinks on iOS 8 (Cydia)

  1. It’s better to redirect to Data folder instead of Bundle

    ln -s /private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application /private/var/mobile/Applications

  2. You said that because you didn’t test it. Your line doesn’t work. It makes implentation buggy. Original post works

  3. Is there a way to modify this so it links to the Data directory? This would be the most beneficial, as it gives easy access to saved games, but also links to the app directory as well.

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