Convert ipa file into deb file for Cydia Repo Distribution

Ok some or most ipa’s can be turned into a deb file.

i’ll use the eJuice app as an example.

1.) Rename eJuice.ipa to

2.) Extract then look for inside the extracted files. Mine will be

3.) Create a folder called eJuice App and inside that create 2 directories – DEBIAN and Applications

4.) Drag the extracted into the newly created Applications folder.

5.) Go to the DEBIAN folder and create a new text document and name it control (no .txt extention, please remove it)

Inside the control file: it needs to look like this:

Version: Version Here
Name: App Name
Section: Section Name Here
Description: App Description.
Architecture: iphoneos-arm
6.) You should chmod the file 755

7.) then SSH it to your iphone in /var/mobile and run dpkg-deb -b “eJuiceApp” and you will then have a File called eJuiceApp.deb and there.

Connect to the device via SSH, Install your app from .deb file, login, rebuild the UI cache, and re-spring the device:

# dpkg –install eJuiceapp.deb
# uicache
# killall backboardd


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