Ethernet Broadband puts cable Internet to shame!

Reliable Internet is a top priority when you work from home. My cable provider was never able to provide this, so it was time to make a change. I made a switch to Asymmetric Ethernet. I work from home 90% of the time, I had to make this change due to constant cable internet outages, speed slow downs during “family” hours (4pm-10pm), and did you know cable companies do most maintenance during normal business hours, crazy!

When I ordered this service, I started with the one of the lowest speeds Interlync offers, 20Mb, figuring I would up my speed after my initial trial. Well, it’s been over 8 months, and happy to report, there is no need to upgrade. I was shocked my Ethernet at 20Mb performed so much faster then my old 50Mb cable service. Its night and day!

What’s even better then the performance is the reliability of this connection, I haven’t had to run into the office or find a wifi hotspot due to cable outages. My wife and son no longer complain daily the “internet is down again”, “why does Netflix keep stopping” or “why can’t I use youtube anymore.”


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