Best Business Internet providers of 2017

When searching for the best business internet service provider, there are several factors about your internet usage that you must consider. Availability, speeds and price are the most obvious factors many think about, but it is also a good idea to add the most import factor to your list, RELIABILITY. We took a close look at reliability of many major “big Box” internet providers and compared the data with some independent providers in the area. What we found was pretty reassuring for the small Independent ISP. Of all the ISPs we looked at here are the top performers Nationwide, but offer some real advantages when it comes to reliability. 
Verizon FiOS Internet can be ideal for some businesses that don’t mind the “big box” provider and require internet solutions and phone services bundled. Its 10-100 Mbps download speed is good, and its high upload rates should be more than enough for most businesses. Prices are slightly higher than what competitors offer, and reliability can be a major issue. We also have reports that Verizon has just stopped offering services to certain areas with little notice to customers. However, if price is a major concern, you can often save money by signing a two-year contract with Verizon Wireless as well, or by purchasing phone service in a bundled deal. Verizon is all about bundling.
Interlync Internet Services (Rated #1 in our testing) has provided the best business internet packages and offers very fair pricing for many years. Speeds are considerably higher than many other companies in our list. Interlyc’s prices are also far more affordable than many other internet providers offering the same level of business class service, and if your business is smaller, its 20 to 100 Mbps download speed could be all that you need. They offer some excellent choices for very reliable Metro Ethernet, DSL2+, and hosting services, as they offer several different solutions tailored to different kinds of businesses. Most of Interlync’s plans are flat rate, so hidden fees and taxes are not something that you have to see monthly. Sound like a match for your business, take a closer look at Interlync’s business internet services.



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